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You can trust us when we say, "we know what it is like when your pets are your family" because our family is not quite what you would call traditional. We are certainly full of love and laughter, but all of our children shed in one form or another. Mario and I have been blessed with 5 dogs together: Boss Man Gizmo, Lazy Luna, Crazy Bella, Silly Emma, and Mischievous Aurora. As if that wasn't enough to fill our home, we also have 2 parrots: Sapphire the Green Wing Macaw and Yoshi the African Grey Parrot (yes, we love that we have a Mario and a Yoshi!). We love our babies and all their goofy characteristics. When we come home from a long day they are always there to greet us, and when we are having the hardest times they are always there to comfort us. 

In August 2016, Gizmo crossed the rainbow bridge. He will forever be in our hearts and always continue to be the inspiration for Pawfect. 

In April 2022, Luna crossed the rainbow bridge surrounded by her loving family. We still miss her every day.

In June 2022, Bella crossed the rainbow bridge after battling an unknown illness. Her big ears, goofy personality, and love of fetch are still missed.


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